About Müller

Müller is a dairy company with the will to win, the drive to succeed and the ambition to get there.

Müller UK & Ireland

A big part of the Müller family is Müller UK & Ireland.

How we got here

From a small family business to an international fresh food company, read our story and discover a history of innovation and expansion. 

Müller Now

Dairy has always been one of the largest and most important categories in food and drink. As the pioneering brand in the category, we are working hard to build a vibrant future for the British dairy industry. 

Where we are going

We know exactly where we're going and you can find out more about our plans here.

Being sustainable

We believe that any organisation should take responsibility for their impact on the environment and on local, national and global communities.

Being the best. Everyday.

At Müller, we believe in being the best.  Everyday.  Our six core values drive that ambition, bringing us together, whilst giving us a clear sense of purpose and direction.