A partnership

Growing opportunity

We believe the dairy sector has enormous untapped potential.  Our strategy is to invest to add value, displace imported dairy products and export products made in the UK with milk from British farms. As a result, we've invested millions in state-of-the-art infrastructure and dairies to grow our business and we're challenging convention and how the British dairy industry has done things in the past. We are very proud of the 1650 dairy farmers who supply us with their milk and we want to develop long term partnerships with them, aligning our businesses for mutual benefit and success. The foundation of this relationship is a clear and compelling contract and milk price proposition together with strong farmer representation, professional communication and excellent service & support. 

Milk contracts

Following the purchase of Dairy Crest's dairy operations at the end of 2015 we have developed a single new milk supply contract for all our supplying farmers.  This leading and innovative contract was launched after consultation with the MMG Farmer Board and listening to the views of our farmers across the country.

The core principles of our new contract are simple and form the basis of a sustainable supply chain which rewards all players.
- Clear and transparent contract terms
- A competitive pricing structure to encourage farmers to supply the type of milk we need for our customers
- A closer working relationship where we are able to share knowledge and respond to change and challenge
If you want to know more about our milk contract please contact us on 01630 650200.