Farmer representation

We strongly believe in the principle of democratically elected dairy farmer representation. On the back of the recent acquisition of Dairy Crest’s dairy operations, the legacy farmer representational bodies of Müller Wiseman Milk Group and Dairy Crest Direct will remain in place until we assess the best representational structures in the longer term, taking account of your feedback.

Müller Wiseman Milk Group will now be known as Müller Milk Group and Dairy Crest Direct will be known as Direct Milk DPO. 

Both groups will be an essential part of early discussions to determine the best way to proceed.

How Müller Milk Group works

The Müller Milk Group (MMG) board is an elected group of dairy farmers who represent the wider MMG membership. Along with two senior managers from the business, and guest speakers as required, the MMG board meet at least four times a year.
The remit of the board is to:

  •  consider and influence pricing proposals from the business
  • support the business in shaping contract and milk price structure
  • decide the best policy for the running of present and future farmer meetings
  • consider and appoint nominations to relevant industry advisory or project groups

How Direct Milk DPO works

Direct Milk, through DCD, has its origins as the first DPO (Dairy Producer Organisation) in the UK. It provides independent representation to farmers who supplied the former dairies operations of Dairy Crest and therefore now supply Müller Milk & Ingredients across England and Wales, over a range of milk supply contracts. The Directors meet on a monthly basis. The strategic aims of the board are to:

  • represent Direct Milk DPO members, as a whole, within defined groups and as individuals
  • deliver a competitive milk price for members
  • build strong links within the supply chain
  • pursue opportunities to deliver value within the whole supply chain
  • maintain ongoing liaison with their processor representatives in developing and refining supply contracts to be mutually advantageous