Katarina Johnson-Thompson

Katarina Johnson Thompson, known in the sports world as KJT, is a World Champion Heptathlete born & raised in Liverpool. She has always had a love for athletics and naturally fell in love with the Heptathlon at a young age.

Winner of a whopping 8 gold medals to date, she has big ambitions for 2021. Kat describes herself as ‘chronically indecisive', a prime example of which being her choice to adopt two surnames & specialise in the heptathlon (7 events).

In her spare time KJT loves reading, playing Mario Kart, and currently obsessing over interior design. Check out her epic wallpaper choices over on her Instagram.

When we asked KJT which of the Müllerlight flavours was her favourite, she said she loves them all, there's always one to suit her mood and craving, 'why choose one when you can have it all'. 



Laura Muir

Laura Muir, recognised in the athletics world as a middle distance runner, is known by the people closest to her for her love of animals. So much so, alongside her championships titles, she boasts a PHD in Veterinary medicine. 

Secret fact: she had never tried karaoke prior to filming the new Müllerlight TV ads but now has found a real passion for it. Laura’s love for athletics and animals merged perfectly during the 2012 Olympics when she did some milking on a dairy farm at 5:30am so she could be back home in time to watch the athletics.

Her favourite Müllerlight flavour is always one of the Cheesecake style yogurts, as she feels they add a little bit of decadence to her day and has a constant supply in the fridge. 

Hannah Cockroft, MBE

Hannah Cockroft MBE is a seven-time Paralympic Champion and the current world record holder for T34 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m AND 1500m wheelchair races. Yep, that's right...5 World Records! We can see exactly where the sporting nickname "Hurricane Hannah" came from.

With a whopping 23 gold medals around her neck, it's clear to see that Hannah is a true legend on the para-track. When she isn't training and travelling, she is singing along to some classic Mcfly hits & binging F.R.I.E.N.D.S...doesn't that sound like the perfect evening in?! #friendsfest.

Hannah is all about flavour to match her vibrant personality and believes that with Müllerlight, you really CAN #HaveItAll.

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