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Müller UK & Ireland Strategy

1987 was a big year. Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up was released, future Wimbledon champion, Andy Murray, was born and Müller entered the UK market for the first time. Today we’re the nation’s favourite dairy brand whose dairy products are a staple of the nation’s weekly shop.

Together we are making sure that we are doing the right thing for our customers, consumers, farmers, employees and the environment with a clear strategy for the UK & Ireland.

Our plan consists of 4 key pillars:


Our products are picked millions of times every year, and with this Müllerlicious power comes  great responsibility. 

Whether it’s collecting milk from Britain’s dairy farmers, buying strawberries that go into our famous Müller Corner, or the doorstep deliveries of organic, free-range eggs that feed families across England  we are committed to providing a positive experience for our consumers by sourcing our ingredients, packaging and products responsibly.

We source the materials to help make our Müllerlicious products from both small businesses and large  organisations across the world. As a responsible family run business, we apply strict terms and conditions on all suppliers to ensure that robust and responsible  standards are met throughout our supply chain.

To learn more about the commitments we’re making and show our progress download the full strategy below.



At Müller UK & Ireland we’re committed to ensuring our business operates through responsible and environmentally sustainable practices. Compliance with all environmental regulations and laws and considerations towards the environment are ingrained in our decision making processes, and we regard codes of best practice for environmental performance as the minimum standards that will be met.

We fully support the ambitions and targets of the Dairy Roadmap, a crucial industry wide strategy developed to reduce the dairy industry’s environmental impact. To achieve these ambitious goals, we’re not only making many changes within our business, but we’re working with our customers and suppliers to help reduce the environmental impact of our products and operations. 

Whether that’s easing the strain on local water sources by increasing our water efficiencies, moving our products around the country more efficiently, eliminating all avoidable waste or innovation on packaging materials, Müller is doing the right things.

To learn more about the commitments we’re making and show our progress download the full strategy below.



Müller UK & Ireland is an entrepreneurial, progressive and vibrant family run business, and we aim to make each day better than the last. Our people are absolutely crucial to our success and we’re building a better business from the inside out.

 We engage with all of our employees to show them how their individual role and development can make a big difference. Our employees are empowered with the necessary skills and responsibility, while understanding the need to balance environmental sustainability with profitable growth. We have a designated sustainability team who advocates in driving best practice, ensuring all systems and processes are fully compliant with all necessary standards, and regularly deliver training sessions for employees throughout the business.

To learn more about the commitments we’re making and show our progress download the full strategy below.



As one of the nation’s favourite dairy brands we have a great opportunity to drive positive change. Our approach is to try and make a difference to people’s everyday lives, helping them to become not only happier, but also healthier.

Our dairy products are picked from shelves millions of times a year. So there’s a big opportunity to make a difference with our products alone. So that’s why we’ve developed a consumer centric range that answers to everyday dairy goodness, permissible indulgence and everywhere in between. 

But most dairy companies can do that, that’s the easy part. We’re doing so much more. We’re getting the nation active by inspiring active lifestyles, and investing in the foundations of the sport. We’re innovating to reduce sugar and bringing protein to the masses. We’re making people smile through our tongue-in-cheek marketing campaigns. We’re supporting local communities by championing products from local suppliers. We’re bringing our brand to life in lots of new and exciting ways while inspiring happy and healthy lives – That’s the Müller way.

To learn more about the commitments we’re making and show our progress download the full strategy below.



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Download the Müller UK & Ireland strategy below to find out more about our various sustainability goals, targets and ambitions.



Water reuse at our Bridgwater and Droitwich sites:
As one of the most efficient dairy businesses in the UK, Müller Milk & Ingredients recycles waste water at two of its largest processing facilities.

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How we work
with Farmers

We buy a fifth of all milk produced on Britain’s farms and we’re pioneering news ways of thinking to ensure a sustainable future milk supply.

About Müller UK
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Müller is the nation’s favourite dairy brand, sourcing milk from 1,600 farmers in Britain to develop, manufacture and market a wide range products for the UK.